Welcome to STEX Advanced design bureau


STEX Advanced design Bureau is an Advanced Enterprise Engineering lab and an Advanced Technology system Design Bureau. STEX stands for Scalable Techniques for Engineered applications using Advanced Design.

STEX advanced design bureau's primary objective is to provide High Tech - Industrial Design/Industrial Logic ( Industrialistix ) Solutions and RD&D ( Research, Design & Development ) Directions, in a multitude of Industrial Domains ( Aviation, Software Tech, Engineering, Computing...).

Industrial Design is no longer about beautification of Systems. It is about creating strategic Intelligent foundations, New Design Directions, New User Experiences (UX), to drive growth and change across industries.

There's an endless market for Industrial Design & Industrial Logic - Driving product Design/Innovation, Product User Interface Design Experience, Innovative & Scalable services and finally systems that need simplification.

That is the reason, why Industrial design today is so influential and strategic. This is where STEX comes in. STEX Advanced Design Bureau helps you create, Brand new ( Unique ) Systematic Industrial Design & Industrial Logic Based, Product Systems & Product User Experiences (UX's).

Finally, When you Think about ENGINEERED SYSTEMS & SYSTEM SCALING, We persuade you to Think about STEX !. We realistically, reduce the Number of System Variables, that define your Products/Systems. This leads to Ultra Scale Systems & Ultra Scale Databases. We are pioneers of this approach, and we call This Approach/Technique as - Reduced Instruction Set Thinking.

Primary Target Audience, for our RD&D Activities

The Primary Target Audience for Our [ RD&D Activities ] are all of the following companies: MICROSOFT, SIEMENS, MITSUBISHI, IBM, ORACLE, SAP, APPLE, CSC, TATA, GOOGLE, YAHOO, ENTERPRISE Software & Industrial Majors & Minors, Intellectual Ventures, Other System Integrators, Stanford, MIT, Harvard, UCLA and other Universities....

Our Research,Design & Development activities are conducted on "The Field", which Comprises of the Following

  1. Visits, Observations & Studies of Industrial Factory Sites, Factory Processes and Factory Machines
  2. Visits, Observations & Studies of Agricultural/Nursery and Cultivation Sites.
  3. Experience in Technology Projects, in ICT Companies.
  4. Experiments & Experience in Public Systems like Stock Exchanges & Financial Services.
  5. Experiments and Experience in Public information Search Engines like Google.
  6. Experiments and Experience in Educational Institutions for Higher Education ( Subject: Computer Science, Science & Commercial Aviation ).
  7. Exposure to Informative Documentaries, through TV Channels like - DW (Deutsche Welle) TV, NHK Japan, National Geographic & Discovery.
  8. Observations & Studies of Films/Movies like - E.g. Contact, Tron, Matrix, IRobot, StarTrek.....
  9. Travel Abroad & Observations/Studies of, modern public systems in - Europe, Japan, Hong Kong, Middle East.
  10. Fundamental Research, Breakthroughs and Documentation in the Form of Books like Intelligent Design, 97 Things Every Software Architect must Know.
  11. Experiments and Experience in Game play ( Software Games ).
  12. Exposure and Visits to Industrial Exhibitions.
  13. Study of Complex/Semi Complex Software Systems, Industrial Ecosystems and Economics Systems.
  14. Exposure to Technical Blogs on the Internet.

Research, Design & Development Activity - Directions & Line of Focus

Our Research, Design & Development activities are Directed into 7 Core classified Directions. We also call it Diversified Research Directions.

  1. Fundamental Research in Systems Engineering & Intelligent Design.
  2. Industrial Logic and Industrial Design
  3. Intelligent Information Grids and Communications System
  4. 3D Map Experience - Information Search Experience.
  5. Automation of Software Systems - Software Automation Techniques.
  6. Design Bureau Projects in Finance, Payments, Air Traffic Systems, Hi Tech Systems - OS & Compilers
  7. Experimental Design of Engineering Systems - Engines, Gears, Pumps, DC Motors.

Each of Our Research Directions is described with Diagrams at our Website under their respective Menu Titles/Items (above).

Smart Enterprises and Smart Cities :Through Strategic Collaboration

We: We are Independent Freelance Inventors, Architects & Engineers in the ICT & Engineering Domain, Operating under the banner STEX
You: You are a MNC Technology Company in ICT Domain.
Objective/Proposal: To Build Smart Cities & Smart Enterprises Through Joint Collaborative Effort.
We: We bring in Expertise in Advanced Technology Design & Engineering Techniques, to build Futuristic Smart Scalable Engineered Systems.
You: You bring in Experience & Expertise in Product Development/Project Management, using Multiple Technology sets, & a disciplined workforce.
Mode of Operation: We dont add to your Payroll - That means that there is no Monthly recurring liability.
Consulting/Collaboration Fees includes Ready to use Research & Deveopment outcomes. [ So you can Study & Analyse the RD&D - before you agree to build / jointy go to market ].
We expect a small Amount of Royalty in case of Joint Product Dev/ Joint Go to Market alliances for some of our Strategic Projects like - The grid Search or 3D Map Search.

Would you have any interest? Write in to us at Commercial@Stexinternational.com