Stex 3D Map Search Project

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Target Audience : SIEMENS, MITSUBISHI, ABB, MICROSOFT, IBM , ATOS, GOOGLE, APPLE, YAHOO, ACCENTURE, Intellectual Ventures, Others Enterprise Majors, Other Small Tech Pioneers, Stanford, MIT, Harvard, UCLA..... We are Confident !

The STEX SCAN -3D Map Search Engine for ( WEB & SMARTPHONE ) - A Geo Spatial Search Engine.

A Brand New - Digital Experience using Technology

The STEX GRID Facilitates - Fluid, Real Time, Spatial 3D Information Access through a Map based Search Engine on the Web or a Smart Phone. This Real world geographical search engine that can be used to search for [ All kinds of realtime Information that cannot be found on digital Maps Bing/Google Maps ]. E.g. The Search Engine allows Local Search within a scan a radius of 3km/10 km/20km/50km from an individuals live location to find vital information like

  • Discount and Sales of Jeans in a Radius Scan of 5 Km from your present Location
  • A House For Rent in any Particular Locality - in a 3 Km Radius.
  • Nearest Hotel with Hotel Room Fee - in radius of 1 Km from your Present Location.
  • Events or Exhibitions in your Locality
  • A restaurant with a Deal within 3 Km
  • Vacant Property for Sale - Within 10 Km
  • Used Furniture for Sale in a Locality of 5 Km Radius.

Another unique technology in this map scan is that markers are "Image Markers" with Text on them. Users may choose the Image Text marker they prefer, and read the Information Content meta data associated with the marker. This process is a single step process, different from 2 Step process where the markers on the maps have no frontline text associated with the marker Image.

Finally The Last Piece of unique Technology in this search engine is that only 5-10 map search Results are shown on the map for each search page.( This solves the problem of having 50+ or a large number of Search Results crowded on one Map Page ).

Some of Search Use Cases are defined here, for you to understand the power of 3D MAP SEARCH & Locational Search

Search Type 1 Search Type 2

A Minimal Viable Working Prototype is available at the following Link stex 3d geospatial Map Search, However the Map search Process is described below :