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Target Audience : Engineers, Developers, Architects at : SIEMENS, MITSUBISHI, ABB, MICROSOFT, IBM , ATOS, GOOGLE, APPLE, YAHOO, ACCENTURE, Intellectual Ventures, Others Enterprise Majors, Other Small Tech Pioneers, Stanford, MIT, Harvard, UCLA All Other Enterprises/Universities.... We are Confident !

Intelligent Design & Industrial Logic


This technology book is targeted at Technology Architects and Engineers who are interested in

  • Intelligent design Object Paradigm of systems [ not OOPS ]
  • Brand New Paradigm - Advanced Systems Engineering & Design
  • Industrial Fractal Engineering
  • Industrial Patterns & Practices
  • Matrix Methods and Reduced Instruction Set Thinking
  • Industrial Enterprise Architecture
  • Automated Systematic Innovation
  • Concept of Spatial Projections through technology
  • Information Grid project & Geo Spatial Search
  • Industrial Logic & Industrial Design - Machine Usecase Factorization / Learning Training/Passport Solutions/( Alternative ) Turbine Design
  • Software automation & Transactional Systems Design
  • Artificial Intelligence/Machine Intelligence
  • Industrial Domain Segregation/Listings for planet Earth
  • Economics | Money Market | Stock Market - Principles / Complexity Analysis / Lateral Angle View Points
  • Advanced Enterprise Finance and Cash Flows Systems
  • Selected advanced Technology projects
  • Decoding the matrix that we live in ( The Film Matrix - Have you stood and stared at it, marvelled at it's beauty, it's genius?" )

Title of New Revised Version ( Version 2 ) : INTELLIGENT DESIGN & INDUSTRIAL LOGIC

( New Book Version 2 ) Date of Revision & Print: 27 October 2015
Approximate Number of pages added to the New Book ( Version 2 ): 74,
Total Pages in the NEW Book:165

Old Title of Book ( Version 1 ): Intelligent Design Techniques To Build a smarter Planet.

Total Pages: Approx 95,
Date of Print: 24 June 2014

Though the book is intended for a technical audience, a general audience may be in a position to appreciate STEX Advanced Design Bureau's point of views and directions of guidance. The book being an Original Author book , is brief, to the point and has Hand drawn Diagrams as Illustrations. If you are Looking for a Industry/Industry Logic Workout Book with Brief Explanations & Original Logic Work ( a Life Book ) - This book is for you. If you are looking for impeccable linguistics & Beautiful Diagrams & Elaborate Explanations, this book may not fit into, that bracket.
Note: This Book/Manual Involves a Deep Focused Workout for the mind. ( You may call it an Industrial Excercise )

The Book has served a second Purpose to STEX. Some of the technology Sets and Paradigms Invented by STEX ADVANCED DESIGN BUREAU are completely brand new in the FIELD of Software Technology & Industrial Engineering/Industrial Logic & Technology Design. Patent Filing and grants usually takes a long period to be validated therefore STEX has enumerated and Illustrated the New Technologies in the Book so as to Protect, It's Intellectual Property Rights.

More over New Technology Paradigms are too wide in spectrum to protect through patents, therefore The book serves the purpose of IP protection , IP Evangelism and IP Distribution. Most of the Technology IP assets are available for Industry Licensing.

The Book also has a strategic purpose to generate Funds to SUPPORT & SUSTAIN STEX Projects.

Chapters Names in the Book are

  • The World is a Complex Place
  • Factorizing Complexity by Learning to Observe
  • Thinking Objects and Systems
  • The Eight steps to Brilliance
  • Breakging the IQ Barriers by Cognitive Fluidity
  • Engineering & Design of products
  • A Brief History of Time - A Historical Analysis of Innovation
  • A Systematic Worlds space: Patterns of Systematic Innovation
  • Rudimentary Economics & Financials
  • Outlining the Future - Array of Innovative Possibiities
  • Addendum - Enumeration & Description of Industrial logic & Design Bureau Projects
  • Intellectual Property Rights
The language that’s been used is mildly technical to allow an easy comprehension for an audience consisting of students, professionals and accomplished experts.

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After the Date: 10 November 2015

If Enterprises e.g XYZ are interested in Bulk Buying of this Book for their professional workforce, they could order the same directly through STEX by writing in to our email address.