STEX History, Future & Location

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STEX Advanced Design Bureau's History, Future & Location.

STEX - History

STEX ADVANCED DESIGN BUREAU Existed as a LLP from [ 2012 - 2015 ] in the Form of an Incorporation as an [ LLC at Wyoming USA ] & as an [ LLP at Chennai, INDIA ]. Both the Incorporations have been Deprecated as of [ 20 July 2015 ].

STEX ADVANCED DESIGN BUREAU has transferred all IP Rights and R&D Technology assets to Enterprise Architect and Engineer -
[ Das,Sourav - Passport NUMBER -H3684132, Republic of INDIA ] ,on an Individual/Professional Basis.

STEX - Future

STEX Operates as a Brand & Banner of - Professional Architect & Engineer [ Das,Sourav ] & his Supporting Team members.
Get in touch with Das, Sourav ( Enterprise Architect/ Systems Architect ), for any of your Professional Needs, Technology Design/Architecture Needs & finally, Alternative Multi Disciplinary Perspectives.
E-mail :

Our Location: Where we Operate from ? - We call it "The Field"

For the Type of Work we do, It may be wrong to mark specific Offices addresses as our LAB sites. Our Lab typicaly operates from the Field, Which consists of

  1. Visits, Observations & Studies of Industrial Factory Sites, Factory Processes and Factory Machines
  2. Visits, Observations & Studies of Agricultural/Nursery and Cultivation Sites.
  3. Experience in Technology Projects, in ICT Companies.
  4. Experiments & Experience in Public Systems like Stock Exchanges & Financial Services.
  5. Experiments and Experience in Public information Search Engines like Google.
  6. Experiments and Experience in Educational Institutions for Higher Education ( Subject: Computer Science, Science & Commercial Aviation ).
  7. Exposure to Informative Documentaries, through TV Channels like - DW (Deutsche Welle) TV, NHK Japan, National Geographic & Discovery.
  8. Observations & Studies of Films/Movies like - E.g. Contact, Tron, Matrix, IRobot.....
  9. Travel Abroad & Observations/Studies of, modern public systems in - Europe, Japan, Hong Kong, Middle East.
  10. Fundamental Research, Breakthroughs and Documentation in the Form of Books like Intelligent Design, 97 Things Every Software Architect must Know.
  11. Experiments and Experience in Game play ( Software Games ).
  12. Exposure and Visits to Industrial Exhibitions.
  13. Study of Complex/Semi Complex Software Systems, Industrial Ecosystems and Economics Systems.
  14. Exposure to Technical Blogs on the Internet.

When We are Not on the Field, You might Locate us, Either at

Office / Lab Space 1

No.34 Phase 1,
Wood Creek County,
Chennai: 600016,

Office / Lab Space 2

Ashirwad Colony,
Dumas Road,
Surat: 395007,
Gujrat ,

Office / Lab Space 3

Prakruti Nivas,
Sri Ram Nagar,
Odisha: 751002,