Experimental Future Technologies ( Design Directions )

New Automotive concepts

Smart computing device ( stex pad ) for home and office use with an advanced visor based ( 360 degree ) cinemizer.

Radio controlled Electrical Power plugs to control power ( Power Optimization and saving ).

The Physics of Colours

Colours from the Electromagnetic spectrum of Visbile light reflect the Energy state of Objects. Differerent color combinations in the objects reflect or suggest a Quantum state. The energy state may constitute of factors or variables like Complexity, Intelligence, perfection, endurance, optimizations, risk free systems, high potential energy etc.

Note 1: Color codes also follow Start Birth, star evolution, star growth star death & star Quantum state sequences. These color sequences may analogically refer to Enterprise Birth, evolution, growth, death or Quantum state. Eg. shell, exxon mobil. These color codes occuer in nature and can be analysed by observation of machinery systems, movies, dress codes (uniforms) , magazines ( ads ) or search image recognition systems.

Note 2: Colour Proportions and ratios's also have significance in enumerating attributes.

How Starships Work ? Manipulating the space time fabric.